Havana Twists Tutorial Supplied by  Havana Twists are similar to Marley Twists. (Learn The Distinction Between Marley Twists and Havana Twists.)  Havana Twists are put in with particular extension hair known as Havana Twist Hair out there solely at utilizing the invisible root technique.  Havana Twist can be put in with Marley Braid Hair.   However Havana Twist Hair is softer and fuller for a chunkier twist. The value distinction is Havana Twist Hair is $12.99 per pack vs. $four.99-$eight.99 per pack of Marley Braid Hair. Word that directions and product suggestions are from  You’ll be able to substitute all or any of those merchandise together with your favorites.   The place Havana Twist Hair is listed you may simply use Marley Braid Hair as a substitute.

To create this look, begin by co-washing your hair. You could wish to attempt Jane Carter Nutrient Replenishing Resolution, or Afrigenix Berrilicious Smoothie. In case you have the time, enable your hair to air dry, and apply your favourite oil. In case you’re brief on time, proceed to blow dry. (Product rec’s from

Havana Twist How-To 1-4

1. Half your hair in four sections, and clip to maintain.

2. Use your comb to create an element that’s roughly one inch broad and one inch deep.

three. In the event you don’t need your components to be pronounced, don’t spend an excessive amount of time on defining your components.

four. Divide the parted part into two.

5. Separate a handful of the HAVANA TWIST HAIR ™, use 6 strips to realize the dimensions pictured.

6. Fold the HAVANA TWIST HAIR ™ in half, and place it as pictured in image quantity 6.

7. Starting on the facet closest to your hairline, twist the HAVANA TWIST HAIR (tm) in with your individual pure hair, clockwise.

eight. Do the identical with the opposite half.

Havana Twist How-To 5-8

Havana Twist How-To 9-12

9. Now, start to cross the twisted sections over one another in a counter-clockwise path.

10. Repeat this crossing over, down the entire size of the twist.

11. Twist by crossing over, till you attain the top of the twist.

Repeat this step all through the rest of your head.

12.-13. Roll small squares of aluminum foil into mini rod shapes.

14. Use the mini rods as you’ll a flexirod, on the top of every twist.

15. Very rigorously (and at your personal discretion, and danger) dip the ends of the hair in very, highly regarded water. You might wish to have somebody aid you with this step.

16. Permit the hair to chill off fully earlier than gently eradicating the foil rods. Clip any stray ends.

Havana Twist How-To

*Skip To 2:32 for starting of instructional.

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